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Autism Information
The Autistic Library: A living document list of books and films created by or respectful of autistic people.
Blog List: A list of our favorite autistic and parent blogs.

Resources for Adults
PCAA Adult Autism Resources: A list of resources for autistic adults in the Pittsburgh area.

Resources for Providers
PCAA Provider Resources: A list of resources and tool kits for people who provide services to autistic people.
PCAA Sensory-Friendly Performance Guide: A list of guidelines for hosting a sensory-friendly performance or event. 

Transition Resources
Pennsylvania Transition Guide: Resources for disabled Pennsylvanians and their families during transition to adulthood. 

Waiver Resources
Pennsylvania Adult Autism Waiver: Pennsylvania's home and community based medicaid waiver that provides services for autistic adults. Application information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Legal and Advocacy Resources
Disability Rights Pennsylvania: This organization provides protection and advocacy to disabled Pennsylvanians.
ASAN's Civic Engagement Toolbox: Learn how to actively participate in democracy.